tyler oakslay.
AYYYYY! So, I adore this fabulous queen named Tyler Oakley. Basically, Tyler is this complex bad bitch who owns my heart. he is the queen, my religion, everything. #TROYLER ~ I post daily edits; all made my me so I hope you enjoy them! ~

my final thoughts include "hi" and also "what's up"
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    hi, youve found my new tumblr. im excited to blog along side with you all :) of course im gonna need some blogs to reblog from and what not.. so feel from to like/reblog this and ill check yours out! love you guys soo much. :)







    While listening to the Frozen soundtrack for what seemed like the billionth time, I happened upon a strange rhythm that, when played backwards, almost sounds like the dark version of Hans’s theme. 

    I just thought it was a nice Easter egg, accidental or not.

    I really listened and you can just hear the depth of the song fill your soul..
    A million claps to this. I should write a novel.


    This is the Hartmanns Youkai Girl of Disney the message is right there in front of us.

    I can’t believe this


    You sons of a motherless goat! 

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    me on my dash: i swear to god i've never seen this post before yet somehow i've liked it already
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